Duan Gaines, known by his pseudonym, DGainz, was born November 3, 1988 in Chicago, Illinois. He is a hip-hop artist, director, record producer, songwriter and talent scout. His love for hip-hop art was sewed by productions such as Hype Williams video stories and Timbaland basslines. With the help of close friend, Evin, Gainz began originating his own sounds in 2004. By the year 2009, he had begun exploring video production with small projects like Buck 20 Brick Boyz’s "Neva Talk To Feds". This helped him gain his first amount of traction in the city.


As a video director, DGainz has set a precedent for delivering the gritty energy of drill music through visuals. He is responsible for the spawning of many of the subgenre's first hits, including Chief Keef's “I Don't Like” and “Love Sosa”. Many have credited DG for the popularization of a number of Chicago based trends. This includes dance craze Bopping via his video production of King Louie’s “My Niggaz”. He has aided in the development of artists Lil Durk, Spenzo, Tink and other local artists. 


Since joining in 2008, his Youtube channel, DGaines1234, has accrued over 374,000 subscribers and nearly 270.3 million views to date (2016). He’s worked with major labels such as Universal Music Group, Interscope, and Def Jam Records. Gainz’s work has been a topic of commentary published in webzines and magazines like Spin, Vibe, Source, XXL, Complex, Hip Hop Weekly and a multitude of others. 


For the future, Gainz sees himself continuing as a director and producer, but with a higher focus on his personal hip hop projects. His music is self-written and produced, and paired with self-directed visuals. As an artist, DGainz comes with an immense amount of individuality. The sound he delivers takes you back to the beginning of hip-hop, while simultaneously keeping you planted in the present, and thrusting you into hip-hop’s future. DG has the world of rap in continuous awe with popular releases such as his “What’s The Deal?” and “Anyway”. With his only option being to prosper, the music world can expect to be forever changed with the arrival of DGainz and his bottomless mind of concepts.



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